[AUCTION] over 4 DC of mob heads

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do you like my funparks at 5408 (utopia) 1145 and 1144 (smp1)

YES 4 vote(s) 40.0%
yes 1 vote(s) 10.0%
no not so... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
POTATO 5 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. item:
    153 skeleton skulls
    50 zombie heads
    28 creeper heads
    2 pigzombie heads
    18 spider heads
    1 enderman head
    1 blaze head
    1 cavespider head
    2 slime heads
    1 wither skeleton skull
    4 cow heads
    3 pig heads
    1 chicken head
    2 muchroomcow heads
    1 villager head
    starting bid 40K r or 40000r
    minimum bid increments 1000r or 1K r
    auctin ending time 72 houwers after latest vaild bid

    you can pickup or for 100r (on smp1) or 1000r(ather smp and utopia) will i dyliver

    happy bidding

  2. Morning bumb
  3. oop
    51 zombie heads
    and 30 creeper
  4. bumb tommrow I will stop it :(
  5. Ill take it
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  6. I'll bid 1k
  7. Starting bid is 40k minimum bid increments are 1k
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  8. I know, I was suggesting the price be lowered because it's quite high.
  9. ah
  10. So...is it 1k or 40k?
  11. I want to bid but to high at 40k
  12. Starting bid is 40k. Read the main post.

    If he changes the tarting bid I'm sure he'll let you guys know
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  13. Ah...alright
  14. Eh to high ?
    Zombie and skelon 75 R
    Creeper pigzombie spider 400 R
    Villager 2K
    Muchroom cow 4k

    Thats more than 40k :D
  15. Without bids I'll stop it over 8 hours
  16. But...i want it ill bid 5k
  17. No no I start at 40k
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