[AUCTION] One Double Chest of Zombie Flesh

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by OriginalJMB, Nov 6, 2012.


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  1. Hello guys im back with another zombie Flesh AUCTION. I need some more support on my mall so all this money will go toward my mall on SMP1, 2573.

    Starting Price: 1,200
    Every Bid it has to raise: 150r
    Ends: 24 Hours after last bid (Central Time)
  2. Well good luck with that
  3. Invalid Bid Please Bid Higher
  4. Invalid Bid starting at 1,200r
  5. Not sure if you dont understand...or if your just ignoring their crap.
  6. Im sorry, i saw the starting bid as "1.2r" not 1,200r... an honest mistake.
  7. People from the US will interpret that as 6/5.
  8. Oh Snap! I thought it was a comma, not a decimal point...Kinda feel like an idiot now... :p
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  9. So wait, would this be a valid bid? Or would it be invalid because of some UK vs. US thingamajig
  10. Um you guys should reload at you bids it says 1,200 if it doesn't my mistake but and 2r bids are invalid must start at 1,200r and raise 150r each bid...
  11. It clearly says 1.200
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  12. 1200 r (to be nice) :)
  13. Th
  14. Invalid bid bid raises 150 each time
  15. Opps i thought i was rating the auction not the servers… the servers r 2 levels above amazing
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