[AUCTION] One Double Chest of the Finest Offical Voltian Iron Ingots

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  1. Iterm: 1 DC of iron ingots
    Starting bid: 1,000r
    Minimum bid increase: 998r
    Auction End Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Pick-up: You may either opt to pick up the iron from 12057, or have it delivered to your res, at no additional charge.
    All profits from this auction go directly to helping build the outpost of Volt on the smp9 frontier. Our forum can be found here:
    Merry bidding!
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  2. 2069r
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  3. 3067r
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  4. 7998r
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  5. Man I wish I had enough money.
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  6. Deadmaster has won the Auction, how would you like to collect the iron?
  7. I can pickup if that's okay with you :). Paid in advance
  8. Thank you! I will set up a chest at my res ASAP
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