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  1. Thread Title: [AUCTION] 1 dc Nether Wart
    Item: _1 dc Nether Wart________
    Starting Bid: __1000 rupees_______
    Minimum Bid Increment: __100 rupees______
    Auction Ending Time: ___48 hrs after last bid______

    I am auctioning 1 DC Nether Wart. For all you home brewers out there.
    Details for pickup will be given to winner at end of auction.
  2. 1100
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  3. Dat ninja, 3.1k
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  4. Lol ninja'd you!
  5. Sorry, didn't see ya bid. 8k!
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  6. 9k I wanna have some wart!
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  7. Bubble and bump
  8. Light up that chemistry set and BUMP a little more Nether Wart into that potion.
  9. 9.5 kay
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  10. Light up that chemistry set and BUMP a little more Nether Wart into that potion.
  11. Bumpin at 9.5k
  12. Goldfish_Cannon, come on down! You will be brewing before you know it. Just don't be driving those pigs off cliffs from drinking your own potions lol

    If you would be so kind as to come to SMP 1, res 755 to collect your items. I will have the chest ready for access so just pay before you collect it please.
  13. Goldfish_Cannon, the auction was over on Thursday at 2:57pm which was 48 hours after you placed the winning bid. I have not heard from you. I believe we are at approximately 45 Hrs. since the close of the auction, please contact me to let me know what is happening and when we can expect to settle this auction.

    I hope all is well, talk to you soon,

  14. Tip: quote people when they've won. Sometimes people (me definitely included!) miss an alert, causing them to not get any further replies from auctions/threads, but if you quote them, they will get another alert. Therefore I always quote people when they win my auctions, so I'm sure they get another reply. :)
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