[AUCTION] Momentus Loot Galore

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  1. From multiple encounters with this giant hellbeast, loot! A pyramid of supple goods...

    4 Vault Voucher
    3 Momentus Toothpick
    2 stacks of Shiny Flesh
    1 stack (64) of Zombie Virus

    STARTING BID: 2500 Rupees
    MINIMUM BID: 500 Rupees
    AUCTION ENDS: 72h (3d) after last valid bid
    AUCTION PICKUP/PREVIEW: /v +adt on /smp8 (Auction Dice Tower)

    This auction's a... "no-brainer." >:3 Bid nOW!!!
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  2. 16500r
  3. 17k mmm zombie virus stack
  4. Bump!
    Also, word of note: to prevent messing up the stack of Zombie Viruses, shift-click them.