[AUCTION] Max Res Upgrade Voucher! 1r Start!

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  1. Item: Maximum Residence Upgrade (Voucher, picture below)!
    Starting Bid: 1r!
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r!
    Auction Ends: 32 hours after the last valid bid!

    This item is perfect if you want to collect something special or if you want to increase your residence capacity, remember that the EULA hinders the accessibility of gaining residences and supporting will soon be of no use to gain residences, so get this voucher ready before it is too late! Happy bidding!

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  2. 10k
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  3. 200,000 rupees
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  4. 200,500r
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  5. 205k
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  6. 205,500r
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  7. 206 K
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  8. 206,500r
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  9. 210 K
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  10. 4d_m1n winning at a competitive price of 210k! Who will outbid him and how brave will they be in doing so? :eek:
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  11. Get your bidding hats on for this special voucher! Bump! :D
  12. 250k! :D
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  13. 260,000 rupees :)
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  14. Wow... You guys know tht it started at 1r
  15. Yes, but this item is worth a lot of rupees and that is why it is at this price. Please keep posts to bidding or questions about the item in hand. :)
  16. Bump, get your bidding hats on! ;)
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  17. 607 winning at 260,000r!

    Is anyone brave enough to beat him?
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  18. 260,500r
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  19. 270,500r
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