[Auction] Marlix Leggings

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  1. Hello, fellow players of Empire Minecraft! Today I bring to you another auction!

    Item: One (1) Unused Marlix Leggings. (Rare drop from Marlix)
    Starting bid: One (1) Rupee.
    Minimum bid: Two hundred (200) Rupees.
    Ending time: 24 hours after last valid bid.
    Pickup: Item will be mailed to you upon payment.

    Happy Bidding! -Rosy2696
  2. 666r
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  3. 2Kr
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  4. 3k
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  5. MhaMhaMha 5kr
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  6. i was to late =P
  7. ninja'ed
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  8. Bumpity Bump!
  9. Bump! FINAL HOUR to bid, if anyone wants to!
  10. Sold, to Mr_Poof_ for 85k!
    Please let me know when you've paid and i'll mail you the leggings.
    Thanks for bidding, everyone!
  11. Payment has been sent.

    Also, congratulations on your 1000th day!
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  12. Item has been sent. Thank you all for bidding!