[Auction] - Krysyy PvP Head

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  1. Invalid auction I do believe
    Heads must be auctioned in a set of 54
  2. It's a promo

    This auction is perfectly valid. It's classified as a rare item due to its lore.
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  3. Isn't this a bit high for the starting bid. Last i saw the other Kryssy pvp head in the auctions was only at 500k. Just a thought lower the bid to 425k and maybe you'll get the Mill.

    Also none of the numbers i listed in anyway count as a bid of any kind. Good luck in your auction.
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  4. I sold two heads for 1.4m and 1.2m respectively and the other auction is going for a little over 1.1m, so I think 1m starting is fair.
  5. The other auction for a pvp Krysyy head has been up for almost as long and has only just reached 651k; you might be able to sell one for a million eventually but it's unlikely anyone going to bid this much when theirs a chance they might get it for significantly cheaper.
    No number in this post constitutes a bid.
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  6. Thank you for your input. Your opinion is highly valued.

  7. :eek:

    Will anyone be able to top deathconn's adamant bid? ;)
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