[AUCTION] ICC Eggnog + more promos and rare items!

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  1. Items:
    1 ICC Eggnog (redeem for any promo from 2013!)
    3 Labor Day Benches
    1 Unspawned Valens horse
    1 Unused Everlasting Axestopper (efficiency 5, unbreaking 4)
    1 Stable Voucher
    1 Vault Voucher
    1 Independence Day Firework
    1 2013 Fourth of July Empire Firework
    1 full set of starter armor (armor with a golden name and special lore, even iron item has unbreaking 1)


    Starting Bid: 140k (no complaining! complaint comments will be ignored)
    Minimum bid increase: 1,000r
    End time: 36 hours after the last bid
    Pick up info: Res 7075 in the auction winners pick up room.
  2. What is the ICC Eggnog, can I have some explanation?
  3. At the end of Aikar's Economy Ruining Drop Party ICC started flying around dropping these, I think about a stack was dropped in total. You can send a private message to ICC on the site and redeem it for any promo item from 2013.
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  4. Your starting bid is way too high, no one wants to pay that for a base price.
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  5. I do not see how hard it is to read that.
  6. It isn't, even though it'll be ignored I can still post it ;)
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  7. Lowering the starting bid to 100k
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  8. 5 dollars...jk
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  9. Please do not make joke bids in auctions
  10. Bump
    Also my 1,700th post!
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  11. 100k. Why not eh?
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  12. Is there a list of everything that can be exchanged for the eggnog?
  13. Bump for slash, plus the eggnog alone is worth more than this :3 great deal!
  14. Bump
    Thanks Haro!
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