[AUCTION] Ham Hacker 2014 promo

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by saenger210, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. hey guys I'm auctioning off a unused 2014 Ham hacker! Auction will end June 23rd noon emc time!

    starting bid will be: 35k

    ending time: june 23rd noon EMC time
  2. I think this should be in the Auction forum... staff can move it for you i think
  3. You also need to include a minimum bid increment and how you will be giving it to the winner.
  4. Auction: Unused 2014 Ham Hacker
    Starting Bid: 35,000r
    Minimum Increase: 100r Until OP replies
    Ending Time: June 23rd Exactly 12pm EMC TIME.
    Mail or Pickup also to be determined.

    Auction has also been moved to Auctions, thank you and happy bidding.
    *Edit - Other auction in Reverse Auctions has been removed - Please reread auction rules before posting another auction in the future. Thanks so much! :) -ET
  5. Your thread was moved friend! I hope you noticed. :) I know, I know, don't bump other's threads, but I wanna make sure he/she is aware what happened. ^_^