[AUCTION] Full Starter Set

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  1. Item: Full Starter set
    Starting Bid: Free
    Min Bid Incr.: 1k
    AuctionEnd: 42 hours after last valid bid

    a preview chest is on /v 19509 on smp9

    happy bidding and have fun :D
  2. 5k Whoot Whoot! Im Gonna Win,:D Now For My Favorite Tune! "Money Money Money Money":p
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  3. You might want to list what one as there are 2 versions of the start set... one with and one without soul bound...
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  4. 6k
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  5. 7k
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  6. Is this the old set (unbreaking I) or the newer variant (unbreaking III)?
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  7. ive never seen one without soul bound before but this one has soulbound and its the newer variant with unbreaking III

    the preview sign is at my res 19509 if you would like to check it out :)
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  8. Bump (SealInAction in the lead with 7k, will she win this or will someone beat her to the punch?... next time, on Auctions.... bzzzzt)
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  9. Just want to point out that you cannot set a maximum bid increase. I did report the auction, just so staff can make any edits necessary or if any other actions need to be taken. I am hoping you meant to put 'Min' for Minimum bid increase.
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  10. forgive me, i was dog tired when doing this lol, thank you for catching the mistake :)
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  11. Changing max bid to min bid (we all have our tired days).
    Happy bidding
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