[auction] EXODIA artillerie

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  1. OP weapons named EXODIA :

    EXODIA Bow : P5-U3-Pu2-Fl2-I

    EXODIA Pickaxe : E5-St1-U3

    EXODIA Shovel : E4-St1-U3

    EXODIA Sword : S5-U3-L3-Fa2

    Starting bid 1r
    raise 1r
    ends 48h after last valid bid
    pickup at /v 17040 f1

    Good Luck!
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  2. 4k
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  3. Is this diamond stuff?
  4. ONLY assuming these tools are diamond, 11k.
  5. 12k
    Either way, even if it weren't diamond, if you had won, you would have had to pay. (I think...)
    Can you please add what type of tools they are?
  6. she would be able to remove her bid since I mislead her, but don't worry they are in diamonds all right and BUMP!
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  7. I see...
  8. still a bargan bump!