[ Auction ] Enchanted - 24 Helmets - 1 Boots - DIAMOND

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  1. Description: 24 Enchanted Diamond Helmets and 1 enchanted pair of boots.

    10 x Protection III
    5 x Fire Protection IV
    3 x Protection III, Respiration III
    2 x Respiration III
    2 x Protection IV, Respiration III
    1 x Fire Protection IV, Aqua Affinity I
    1 x Protection III, Aqua Affinity I

    1 x Protection III

    Condition: New
    Starting Bid: 3000r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100r
    Auction End: 12 hours after last bid.
    After auction buyer will send money and get an access sign on the brown floor of my shop. SMP2, v 3456
  2. Just to start off, 3200 rupees

    Updated due to updated info
  3. Updated info to reflect pickup data
  4. current high bid of 3200r
  5. let's just get it to 3600r
  6. Nice texture pack
  7. Ain't it a bit unfair when Diamond Supporters start bidding?

  8. No its not. 6.5k
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  9. not rly. thr are a ton of rich free members
  10. Like me ;)
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  11. the dimond ones get rich in THREE DAYS out of bonuses and do not need to log on!
  12. lol 3900r is not rich ;p
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  13. well, i'm out now that the rich guys started bidding. Not going to spend my actually hardwaited cash on this
  14. then go out in irl and get a job like i did :)
Thread Status:
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