[AUCTION] Double Chest of Extra Spicy Saddles! Get Them While They're Hot, Or Not! XD

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YESH, i MUSTZ! 6 vote(s) 24.0%
NU MOMMY, i dunt wanna! Y U BE SO STUPIDZ 5 vote(s) 20.0%
pass teh BBQ sauce XD 14 vote(s) 56.0%
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  1. wel, i wundr wut dis aucshun B abut!'

    IT BE ABOUT SADDLES!!#%!@%^$!#$~!(XD)))%#%$%*&?^&

    (a double chest of dem! YAY XD)

    yes, this is an auction of 54 (a double chest of) saddles! so bid because: i told u to, u wanna, [insert other reason here]

    the starting bid is 10k (10,000) rupees (not potatoes, rupees)

    the minimum bid increase may be 14,000r... but its not, because it is 250r

    this auction shal end when the auction ends... when the clock strikes 13 (72 hours after the last bid)

    the pick-up will be at my soon-to-be, work-in-progress, half-done MEGA mall XD (6166, in front of the pyramid at ground level (just jump down from spawn))

    i dub thee QuarterStop and all of his many alts the ability to bump this potato auction!
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  2. Non-Wolf Version

    1 DC of saddles
    Starting bid 10k rupees
    Bid increments by 250r
    Ends 72 hours ( 3 days ) after last bid

    I allow all of QuarterStop's Alts to bump this auction.
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  3. Cmon, guys, this is pretty cheap XD!

    only less than 200r per saddles!

    u can ride horses with them; OR PIGS!
  4. Quater, are you an alt or is he your alt???
  5. I'm bored..... 10,000

    please remind me if i win, three days is beyond my attenti
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  6. Slash in the lead with 10,250!
  7. Slash14459 In the lead with 11k! Anyone else? Thats about 203 more/less per saddle!
  8. Bump! No one wants the saddles about 203r each!
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