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    Item: Double Chest of Emeralds ( 3456 emeralds )

    Starting Bid: 50,000 rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment: 1000 Rupees

    Auction End Time: 48 Hours after final VALID bid is placed.

    Auction Pick-Up: 14006 On Smp7 ( Access Chest will be made when payment is recieved. )

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  2. 50k \o3o/
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  3. Mother of Emeralds... :cool:
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  4. 3456 Emeralds...for 50k...That's less then 20r each emerald!
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  5. this was a two person effort.. ;)
  6. Andy kills all emerald auctions.
  7. holy cow thats a lot of emeralds....
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  8. Many DCs of paper later ;)
  9. Bump for the sake of the emeralds!
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  10. still less than 21r a emerald :3
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  11. Holy cow. That would have taken soooo long.
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  12. It was a team effort
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  13. we held hands and made sweet sweet.... doughnuts together. with sprinkles and everything.
  14. 93k
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  15. 94k
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  16. Bump.
    Deathtomb8953 is in the lead with 94,000 Rupees.
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