[Auction] Double chest of Cactus! {Closed}

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How many numbers of PI can you recite without looking it up?

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  1. Hey guys, i'm back with another auction! This auction is..
    What: One double chest (3456 items) of cactus.
    Pickup: You can get your items at /v 1944 auction, on smp1. Please remember to add the "auction". End time: The auction will end 24 hours after last VALID bid!
    Starting price: 1 Empire rupee.
    Minimum bid increase: 150r.
  2. 1r
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  3. 200r
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  4. 350
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  5. 500R
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  6. 1k
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  7. 1.5Kr
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  8. Bumpity bump!
  9. And, Jelle68, you have won the auction. Please pay and notify me when you have done so as soon as possible, so I can set up the sign.
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  10. paid, could you setup a [access] chest on one of your resses on smp1, please?
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