[AUCTION] Double Chest of Blaze Rods

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by zeke1o0o, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Double chest of blaze rods

    Start: 30k
    Minimum bid Increments: 1k
    Auction ends 24 hours after last bid.
  2. 1st but im to poor
  3. its fine.
  4. You might want to lower your starting price.
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  5. The start price will remain the same, 30k that is 8.7r a blaze rod. i have seen shops that sell them for 20, so i believe that this is a really good price for them.
  6. let him do whatever if no one bids then its his problem.
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  7. 30k bro?

    I wouldn't buy rods for over 5r each and...
    In auctions the guy usually starts off low to then eventually get to its worth and or HIGHER than its worth as it always happens(unless its never bumped)

    If you want I'll start with 2k bid lol.
  8. if no one does it for 30k then the auction will just stop, and i will just keep the rods.
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  9. They usually go for 10-15k. I got one for 5k
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  10. wow, i must be out of the loop then. they have really dropped in price. i guess if no one bids in 24 hours this auction is closed and i will just keep the blaze rods. A lot of time went into getting them.
  11. you also have the option of reducing the starting price seeing how no one has bid yet.
  12. 6k! jkjk Remember?? :D
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  13. i know i have the option, i just don't want to because it take a while to get all of these blaze rods.
    I didn't know that they were going for so much lower then i though.
    I plan on keeping them now, but giving the people of EMC a chance to bid if they want.
  14. ok that is cool.
  15. wow thats over priced
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  16. but i would keep them
  17. i have already been over this and if no one bids in 24 hours from that other post, i will have it closed and keep them.
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  18. ok should start at 10k if u want to get 30k+ it would move twards that
  19. How about everyone stops suggesting prices. He has a set value that he wont sell under, because he would rather keep them. It is even suggested in the rules to never underprice your items. He can make his own choices.
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