Auction: Diamond Pick with Unbreaking III, Fortune III, and Eff IV

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  1. So, the Minecraft gods were kinder to me with my second enchantment :D I did this diamond pickaxe at level 46 because I was sick and tired of trying to get a higher enchantment, and got Unbreaking III, Fortune III and Efficiency IV. The pick is unused.

    Thanks for looking, and happy bidding!

    * Bidding will start at 5000R
    * Minimum bid increment: 100 rupees
    * Voting will end 12 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you (lot 9251, smp4)
    * Non-payment or general messing around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
  2. Thanks for getting this started, AlexChance! *looks around for all the people* Where is everyone?
  3. Ahaha, not sure :p
  4. :eek:
    I would bid on this if I did not already own a similar one! :D
  5. 6,000r and the co-ords! :p
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  6. Thanks, kilmannan :D
  7. Aha. Crafty devil, think you can get in and beat me to it eh?

    7,000r over here on the left!
  8. What? Never!

    8,000r at the back!
  9. Silly Goose -- Why are you bidding against yourself?
  10. It's like that is it??

    9,000r over here!


    Why not, no-one else is. Or am I missing the point of an auction? :D
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  11. Haha, so what is the bid at now, 6000 Rupees?
  12. No. As per the last bidder.

    Tsk. Don't you know how an auction works?

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  13. Kilmannan, are you at 6?
    /me is so confused...
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  14. 10,000r
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  15. Ay, mate, was just confused. You are at 9000 Rupees then! No sense worth bidding!
  16. 11,000r!
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  17. I shall never be beaten! I have unlimited wealth! Unlimited I tell you!

    Sort of.


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