[AUCTION] Diamond Pick Silk I Eff III

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    • Description of the item- Diamond Enchanted pick. Silk Touch I Efficiency III
    • Starting bid of your auction-100
    • The minimum amount you will accept for an bid increase- 50
    • When the auction will end- A week after the last bid
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  1. areas for improvement of auction (just trying to help):
    - include where to pick up the items?
    - you should change the ending time because its WAY too long
    - you should add picture proof of the item

    just trying to help you out
    kind regards
    - Craziboy000
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  2. Ok thanks, I dont know how to do pictures.
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  3. Rofl :D
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  4. and to take pictures look into the chest put your cursor over the item and press F2
    then attach it to a post of yours
  5. btw will you be shortening the time after the last bid?
    because tba thats gunna take forever!!!
  6. You are not allowed to do that once the auction has started. It is stated in the Auction Guide.
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  7. well then... now we wait
  8. This Goes forevahh! 400r
  9. Sorry Guys. Dumb me didnt think ahead D:
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  10. Well, 500r in the lead.
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  11. TinvanWijnen won with 500r
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Thread Status:
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