Auction: Diamond lvl 50 Enchanted Pick Axe --- Brand New!

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  1. You could show me a good place? :3
  2. dude.. there is only silk touch 1.. i just bought a silk touch 1 on this very forum for 20k and i know one that went for more than that here. so silk touch is a VERY rare find. the hardest single enchant i know for sure. You should put it on the auction block. you will make money.
  3. Grrr.. you just set me back 6 hours.

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  4. you should go to this thread this guy wants a diamond silk touch pick axe. you should inquire. =)
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  5. i was about to bid 22k, then i realized i would have nothing left over XD
  6. woot! i win. =) i will get on and pay you now =)
  7. Bid on my pickaxe, ISMOOCH.
  8. ... no lol.
  9. But it's level 50! ):
  10. but what use is that enchant to me XD
  11. It digs.

    So fast. You will never even realize how fast it is digging.
    Like, Obsidian in a second.