Auction: Diamond lvl 50 Enchanted Pick Axe --- Brand New!

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  1. Here we go guys, the best item I have had up for auction!

    A Level 50 Enchanted diamond pick axe:
    * Bidding ends 12 hours after the last valid bid
    * A collection chest will be set up once auction closes, winner of auction will be notified via PM.
    * Any UN-paid items or excessive delays can and will result in exclusion from future auctions
    * The reserve price will be stated as the "Starting Price" as listed. Any bids below that price will not be considered.

    * The following incremental bidding guild lines must be followed for all bids to be valid. Please reference the item price with the available bidding options.
    Item Price Range ||| Valid bid increase
    1r - 999r ||| 5r+ increment
    1000r - 2,000r ||| 100r+ increment
    2,001r - 10,000r ||| 500r+ increment
    10,001r - 50,000r ||| 1,000r+ increment
    50,001r + ||| 5,000r+ increment

    This is a big grab! lvl 50 auction! auction!

    Reserve price R20000, this is the starting bid amount :)



  2. what a nice grab...

  3. I know right? :D
  4. this would def go great with my silk touch. :cool:
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  5. Yeah a silk touch pickaxe, and fortune iii, unbreaking iii pickaxe look very nice sitting next to each other in my vault :)
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  6. For sure! I somehow think IS is going to fight for this one :p
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  7. believe it... fortune 3 meeting my mass stock pile of diamond ore.. equals crash diamond economy... or... lots of cool diamond block statues... who knows. =P
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  8. Why you all bid on his stuff but not my double pickaxes? :(
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  9. Lol crazy, sorry man :p
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  10. I checked your post.. saw no fortune. moved on. lol.
  11. LMAO
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  12. Terrible person.
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  13. Think you snatched this one up on frist bid Smooch! :) Have fun!
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  14. finally ran out of money nurgles? i thought the day would never come.
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  15. haha lmao
  16. Nope, but have a silk touch now, so don't need this one! :p
  17. MR2RM, where do you get all theese xp lvls? ;(
  18. not that hard to get XP, lvl 43 myself atm ... damn nice enchant there
  19. Can you believe it? After dying 2 times at level 50 on the return trip, i finally enchanted a diamond pick with 2 level 49. I got a Silk Touch........1!??!?!??!?! :mad: Biggest Waste Of Time Ever.
    So my big plan was to get rich and buy MR2's pick. But 21,000r? You can have it, IS :oops:
  20. Im able to offer on this pick though dark xD