Buying an iron silk touch pick for 10-15k rupees!!!

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  1. I don't know what a silk pick is worth, but I really need one and will pay up to 15k. (For an IRON Pickaxe). I would like it to be preferrably unused but if it is used, It will be the price divided by the status bar. Example: Half of the bar=5k etc. I will start it at 10k and will give a 1k bonus if the bar is full.
    (Never been touched) I can go up to 15k and will pay 500r for delivery. My delivery address is 7174 on Smp3. (If you are from another server the 500 pays for the vault fees.) Message me if you are interested, and wait for a reply. After a set price and delivery date, I will have a chest with your access in my res. Please put the pickaxe in the chest. Reply ASAP. Thanks :)
  2. I'm just going to say this (and this is in my Enchanting Experience) :
    It would probably be significantly easier to obtain a Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxe than it would be to obtain an Iron one as Iron has a lower enchantibility rating than Diamond.
  3. Hmmmm... true. I will pay an extra 5000r for a diamond pick. :)
  4. OMG On my way.
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  5. Still didnt get it :(
    Enchant 3 times
  6. Don't hurt yourself bro, I'm sure people sell silk picks. I'm only asking poeple who HAVE one.
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  7. LOL.
    btw it's fun doing so :)
  8. DUDE, people sell them in auctions for only 10k...
  9. Uh bro, this post is 2 months old... Markets change...[/