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  1. This is a must for anyone wanting to have transportation to the wildness community.

    1 DC RAILS
    1 DC Powered RAILS

    Thank you for looking and bidding
  2. Missing info...
  3. Yup

    Talked to staff Steffy said to edit myself So here is. 1,000 r
    bID INCREASE 500r
    auction ends 48 hours after final valid bid .
  4. Seffy always help :)
  5. Omgomgomg I know I'm on holidays without a computer but I just need this in my life sooo badly lol 20k
  6. You can Bid Tom
  7. 21k at cha Tom. :p
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  8. Ya snoose ya loose...
  9. 30k

    I don't need this in the slightest :^)
  10. Guys we all know I need this :) 31k
  11. 32k no you don't liar :p
  12. Miiiiiiineeeeeeee

  13. Then Here comes Tom :mad: Its gonna be mine! Everyone knows it!!
  14. 40k sor Tom I'm stealing dese
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.