(Auction) DC of WITHER SKULLS.......

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by MajorHaze, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Auctioning off 1 DC of Wither Skulls

    Starting Min bid 185k
    Min bid increase 5K
    Auction ends 48hrs after last valid bid.
    Pickup/Preview is on smp2 @ /v 3292

    If your in need of Tokens or beacons this is the auction for you.
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  2. Thanks for enthusiasm but the starting bid is 185k
  3. Haha sorry, could swear the min bid was 5k.
    185k then!
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  4. Sure, why not. 190k
  5. The All Mighty Bump
  6. The Good Morning Bump
  7. The Early Afternoon Bump.
  8. The Mid-Afternoon Bump
  9. Bump.

    It's still at a great price, plenty of room for more bids.

    Profit is still to be had.
  10. The Goodnight Bump
  11. question: arent Wither Skulls stackable? (up to 64)
  12. nvm, just asked a friend lol
  13. DatzMine is in the lead with a bid of 200k.
  14. Still plenty of profit to be had.

    This would be a great way for outposts to get beacons and tokens for land claiming.
  15. BUMP