[Auction] DC of melons

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  1. Item: DC of melons

    starting bid: 500r
    Min bid increase: 500r
    Auction ending time: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: at my res /v Bat_King35787 smp6

  2. Just a notice, there are Melon farms at EMC witch produce about 1DC per hour. so your minimum bid inrcease is a bit high...
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  3. can't change it now
  4. Yes You Can Report The Post And Say You Want a Different Increasement.
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  5. Sorry but once a bid is in-place we can't change the increments of a auction.
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  6. That's the reason of 'just a notice" I ment it for the his next auction, so he whouldn't make it Like this again :D
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  7. oh no you didn't I AM THE MELON GOD. 3.5K
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  8. Go on Melon!!!!!
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  9. Bump- ArchdukeMelon is in the lead with 3.5k