[AUCTION] DC of Lapis Lazuli

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    1. On Smp5 at /v +lmbulk we sell DC's of everything, and ATM I am auctioning a DC of Lapis, enjoy :)

      Once You have paid, and I call you the buyer. There will be an access chest on the res :)
      Starting Bid ~ 10k
      Minimum bid increment ~ 2k
      Auction will end 12 hours after last valid bidder.
      If you do not pick up your DC within a week it will go to the second highest bidder.
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  1. I dont think you can do this, some people could be on holiday, if they do not pickup after a week, I suggest Pm'ing the bidder :)
  2. True, Thankyou for noting this :)
  3. As a co-owner of lmbulk (/v +lmbulk or /v 10889 on the ever-amazing smp5), I hereby bump this thread and state that there are only... umm... not many hours left on this auction!
    Basically, bump!
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  4. Only the person who created the thread can bump it
  5. hehe lol :p
  6. Please only bump three hours after the last post.
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