[AUCTION] DC of iron blocks

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  1. What is it?: Double Chest Of Iron Blocks
    How much to start?: 5000 Rupees
    Minimum increment?:500 Rupees
    Time to end?: 48 hours after last VALID bid
    When a winner is found please pay Creeper655 and collect at 9025 SMP4 Delivery for 20R Cross-Server or free on same server.
  2. Bump, Still only 50K Really cheap!
  3. 55,000 rupees.
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  4. Where do you get so much iron so fast?
  5. I saved it up for a long time and we destroyed tomtarks res so he can build more...
  6. 65,000 rupees.
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  7. Before school bump TomvanWijnen in the lead with 75K
    In a DC of iron blocks there are 31104 ingots (apparently :confused:)
  8. Probably the same place you do :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.