[Auction] DC of Feathers

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  1. I don't why I need this but I just do. 500 rupees.
  2. TomvanWijnen, this is the auction that you won last week but failed to pay for within the time allotted. i'm not accepting any bids from you, CallMeTower has the current bid for 500 rupees
  3. You cannot disallow any bids made by a player. Tom's bid is allowed.
  4. Also, 4k
  5. If you post a bid, you are bound it

    he never paid nor told me why he couldn't. i'm not wasting my time with him if he's not gonna follow the rules. i've already notified staff of it the other day
  6. Okay. This still doesnt mean you can blacklist him from your auction. Tom's bid was still valid until I placed a bid.
  7. Auction hosts are not permitted to blacklist individual players from a specific auction. Thus, if a player makes a bid that complies with the minimum bid increase regulation stated at the opening of the auction, that bid is considered both valid and binding unless it has been beat by another player.

    If there are concerns regarding nonpayment of auctions, please contact staff for further assistance. This being said, I would like to ask that discussion of those matters are kept out of auction threads that do not pertain to the win in question.

    BenMA is in the lead with a bid of 4,000 rupees. Auction is set to end at 11:32 AM EMC time on June 15th unless the bid is beat before then.
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  8. 4.1k

    I knew I forgot something, must have been that auction then. You know, people can get really busy, and therefore forget something if only ONE post is made saying someone has won (without even quoting the person!), and then nothing is heard from you about it again. Next time, please quote people when they win, make a second post saying this if they don't reply, and PM them if required/wanted. I simply forgot about that auction, as you didn't quote me, and only made 1 post. If you have 2 DCs of feathers, I would still really like to finish that last auction.

    Elfin: thanks for the post, and sorry for still commenting on that other auction :p