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  1. item DC of emeralds
    starting bid 50k
    bid increment 1k
    auction ends 48 hours after the last valid bid
    pickup will be at /v +af on smp7
  2. 85,000
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  3. congratz dektirok you win once im paid i will set up the chest at /v +af on smp7
  4. dektirok i was wondering when you were going to pay because i haven't received the payment yet
  5. if they dont pay ill buy if for 85k
  6. if dektirok doesnt respond in the next 2 days the dc of emeralds will go to smongoman
  7. its been over two days if smongoman24 still wants the dc for 85k it will go to him
  8. yes ill take them for 85k i can pay now
  9. i have no problem with this, not my call. I was wondering if this action was illegal or not. Again, i dont see anything wrong with it, i would just like to know if in this circumstance if its legal or not for future reference in case i ever come across this situation.
  10. Keep in mind I'm not staff.
    No one else made a valid bid besides Dektirok before the auction was over but bidders are required by the rules to pay within 48 hours unless otherwise agreed upon.
    Officially this means the OP (original poster=Auction host) can report him for reneging on his bid (which could get him banned from the auction forums).
    But regardless of whether or not they report the player it's unofficially expected that the OP contact the next highest bidder (not applicable in this case) or dispose of the items as they see fit (they are only officially obligated to exchange the items with the highest bidder and if the bidder breaks the deal the auctioner no longer under any obligation to pony up the goods to anyone unless they want too).
    To sum it all up: This was probably legal but technically they should have had their conversation via website mail and not on the auction page.

    P.S. If this happens to you and you are unsure of what to do you can use the website's email system to ask a moderator.
  11. thanks, that def cleared alot of my unsure questions. I appreciate your time for replying ^.^
  12. ok well it is legal to sell the items if the bidder does not respond in a reasonable amount of time im pretty sure so if asternflyer624 wants to sell the emeralds ill pay 85k just message me in a private chat thanks
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  13. k ill sell once im payed ill put a chest at /v +af on smp7:)
  14. sorry i actually dont need them anymore i bought alittle over a dc the other day but thanks anyways just do another auction i bet someone will bid if you bump the auction
  15. What you want to do is start a message with the person & include staff so they can talk to the winner.
  16. Im sorry. I forgot all about this auction and i never received a single notification about it. Someone pmld me about it why i just learned of me winning. I will pay immediately. I wasnt dodging this... just no notifications.
  17. That is.. if they are still available. I will manually watch this thread over the next 24 hours, or just send me a PM on the boards with your answer.