[AUCTION] DC of Cacti

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by 607, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Well, I just wanted to see if this should go.
    I don't know how many people do actually care about cacti.

    Item: Double Chest of Cacti.
    Starting bid: 50r
    Minimum bid increments:5r
    Auction ending time: 47,5 hours after the last bid. 2013-04-12_17.45.00.png
  2. cadgamer101 is in the lead with 1k!
  3. Meh. 1500r
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  4. 2k
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  5. 4k :p And Cad, I have another spider spawner on smp7 if you wanna buy? pm me
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  6. Thanks! This is going very well! MrWhosMagic is in the lead with 4k for 1 DC of cacti. Where do you need it for?
  7. 4005r
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  8. becsim1 is in the lead with 4005r.
    MrWhosMagic, you can bid 4010r
  9. Can somebody place a bid of 4010r?
    35,5 hours left.
  10. 4100 :D I dont need it :p I just WANT it xD
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  11. I cant afford it, ive been broke. Can you remove my most recent post? Or not count it
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  13. Oh, I HAD the funds though. But I got broke. So how do I pay?
  14. Best get mining that Quartz, I have a buy sell shop at 13131
  15. You can try voting for EMC, links to the voting sites are provided in the rupees section of this site ;)
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  16. That wouldnt bring me nearly the ammount.
  17. Well then I guess you've found yourself in quite a situation, haven't you?
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  18. Yeh xD
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  19. Maybe you can pay it me later? At least, when you win.
    Maybe someone other is bidding higher.
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