[AUCTION] DC of Blaze Rods (1r) [prep for MC 1.9 :D]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by cadgamer101, Jan 16, 2016.

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  1. This auction is for one Double Chest full of Blaze Rods !

    The starting bid will be just 1 r.

    Minimum bid increase will be 250 r.

    In 1.9 Blaze Powder (from Blaze Rods) will be required for brewing.
    Also in 1.9, Blaze Rods will be used to craft End Rods.
    Blaze Rods are good for crafting several good items, and you can sell them in your shop.
    I really like how you can use them to fuel furnaces, and they burn longer than Coal.
    Blaze Powder is used for several items including for Strength potion.

    This Auction will end 24 hours after the last valid bid.

    Pickup will be in town on smp4.

    As usual, I will not bump this auction, so you may get a good deal, and I am fine with that.

    This auction will be earning rupees for one of my future rupee giveaways.

    Thank you for your bids.

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  2. 5000
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  3. Ninja'd. 11111.
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  4. 12121k
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  5. 12121k = 12 million and 121,000r :p
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  6. Correct, but we know what he meant, so the leading bid is fBuilderS with 15k.

    If you want to preview the DC go to smp4 and type /v 8122@auction
    then right-click the [PREVIEW] sign (such a cool feature that our Dev team added).
    Thank you.
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  7. Whoops. Sorry bout that it was 12,121r

    My new bid 17k
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  8. 25k
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  9. 35k
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  10. 40k
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  11. Most people would not discourage more, higher bids, and I do not know the new market price for a DC of Blaze Rods (with its 1.9 uses),
    but I want to say that I can auction another DC of Blaze Rods right after this one, as my next auction, so that people do not have to keep bidding this one higher.
    Thank you
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  12. Jan 16th Auction:

    Thank you all for your bids.
    Allicanto Wins!
    Please pay and I will put up the access sign as soon as I can, may be a few hours.
    Thanks, again.

    Also, if you anyone is interested, I have a new auction of Blaze Rods, link here.
    Again, profits go to one of my giveaways.
  13. payed :) thanks
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  14. Closing Auction per owner's request.
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