[AUCTION] DC Of Animal And Mob Heads

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  1. Auction: DC Of Animal And Mob Heads
    Starting big: 10,000r
    Minimun bid increment: 100r
    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup is on smp3 7162
    Happy Bidding :D 2014-04-17_21.10.03.png
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  2. Heads are: 3 ghast heads, 2 endermen heads, 4 blaze heads, 4 chicken heads, 4 pigmen heads, 6 magma cube heads, 1 sheep head, 3 villager heads, 5 cow heads, 8 cavespider heads, 3 spider heads, 2 ocelot heads and 9 slime heads :)
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  5. 10101r
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  6. Jelle In the lead with 25K Keep it up! :D
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  7. SkareCboi Is in the lead with 25.1K Keep it up! :D
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