[Auction] DC Blaze Rods

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  1. Description
    One double chest of blaze rods is for sale. Why do you want blaze rods? Well because they make an excellent fuel. You can smelt about 41,472 (12 DC) items with just this double chest. Forget coal and lava! You can also use them to make potions and magma cream. Cool huh? They can be used to find your way to the end when added to an enderpearl too! Sounds kinda like a swiss-army knife right? So what are you waiting for!?

    Auction rules
    Ends 48 hours after first VALID bid (this one is a quickie so get in fast!)
    Starting bid is 1000r
    Bids must be 100r or larger than the previous bid
    Pick up at 171 smp1 (smp2 or 8 can be arranged if desired)
    Delivery is free on all servers apart from smp7 (10r)

    Any questions just ask. As always happy bidding all!
  2. 1000r
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  3. 1234r

    Cool layout! :D
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  4. 2k
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  5. 2345r
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  6. 3456
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  7. 4567r
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  8. Bump it! *Bass drops*
  9. Bump
    This is going cheap at the moment, only 85r per stack!
  10. 5678r
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  11. 105 per stack, why not buy this and then sell it to +mm on smp6 for 202 per stack to make quick and easy profit!
  12. 5791r
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  13. 9500r
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  14. Seems like a... Hot deal to me. Come on folks this is closing in less than 12 hours so come get some!
  15. Shell! :o ... how dare you intervene my auction winning bid!

    Oh well, then I guess we'll have to say, that my bid is ... over 9000... ...


    (9100r to be exact :p)
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  16. Also, I need to learn to read. *bids 9666r, while quietly walking away, ashamed...* :p
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  17. Wham, bam - I am, a man! This, is - a very good deal!
    *disco breakdown*
  18. 10,000r
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