[auction] Cookie Monster's Addiction

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  1. Auction: 1 Double chest of Cookies & 1 Double Chest of Milk

    Starting bid: 100r

    Minimum bid Increase: 100r

    Conclusion of Auction: 24 hours after last Vaid Bid!

    Auction Pick up: Once payment is sent to Deathtomb8953 Auction can be picked up at smp9 Res No. 18313

    Side Question: Cookies!?

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  2. This is the Auction as ment to be other one should be closed soon post Bids here
  3. Love this. 500r
  4. lols 600r
  5. A thousand rupees...?


    Ouch! That hurts xD
    1.1k, sir.
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  6. New high bidder
  7. linkpigthower.gif
    The pig is your Bid. 1250r
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  8. a good night bump, happy bidding

    and on a side note

  9. Good morning bump
  10. 3k >;D
  11. 3 hour bump . COOKIES
  12. C-c-c-cookies?


    I really can't put up 26k on this one though ._.
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