[Auction] Chestception

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  1. ITEM: A Double Chest of Chests

    STARTING BID: 500r


    AUCTION ENDING TIME: 24 Hours after the last valid bid is posted

    PICK-UP: Smp8 16612

  2. Are those chests in turn filled with more chests?
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  3. If only.
  4. By my calculation that would be a total of 93,312 chests.
  5. What if the chests within the chests were filled with chests that were filled with chests?
  6. i got 5,971,968 that is if each chest(3456) was filled to capacity with chests(1728)

    That would be 10,319,560,704 chests :eek:
  7. Okay let me count...

    One... Two... ...many.
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  9. Good god almighty that's a lot of chests....but what if each of those chests was filled with 10,319,560,704 chests which in turn were each filled with 10,319,560,704 .......:eek:
    (I'm done now :D)
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  10. 2050 rupeeeeeeeees.
    I keep wasting money..... I need to somehow get back up
  11. just seeing this made me lol because there was always talk of this being done but it never happened

  12. Ok i'm done for real now.....
  13. I Finally got around to it:p
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  14. WeirdManaico is in the lead with 2050r
  15. er..mah..gawd..must..have...chestception! 2150r
  16. next has to be enderchestception
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  17. 2250r. Must...have....all...the chests :D
  18. That is 2 double chests of oak log :confused: also 2500
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