[AUCTION] Bulk Auction!(meh)

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  1. ITEMS:
    2 DC's of Grass Blocks
    1 DC of Sunflowers
    9 Silk Touch I Books
    x1 Diamond Sword Sharpness II Looting I
    x1 Diamond Pickaxe Fortune III Efficiency IV
    x2 Diamond Shovel Efficiency IV Unbreaking III
    x1 Bow Enchanted Unbreaking III Power III

    2013-12-31_22.15.08.png 2013-12-31_22.15.05.png 2013-12-31_22.15.02.png

    5,000 rupees

    50 rupees

    24 hours after the last rule following bid

    SMP2 4285
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  2. Bump!
  3. Also, I am willing to split with anyone who wants to, I really just want the books and tools.
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  4. ill split king
  5. Buummppp!
  6. You have won King! I have set up an access chest for you on 4285! :)
  7. I will happily split with all of you all I want is some of the books maybe 2 or 3 :)
  8. Allow fishy to have all the bulk blocks.
  9. what do you mean?
  10. No need to ask any questions, it's my auction and everything was sorted out. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.