[Auction] Build-A-Tree Pack! 9 Dc of Leaves + 2 Dc of wood!

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  1. Make your own Bigggg Tree! With this much Resources, I don't think you can possible Run out!
    Items: 9Dc of Leaves (Oak), 2 Dc of Wood (Oak)
    Starting Bid: 500 rupees
    Bids must increase by 100 Rupees
    Auction Ends: 48 Hours after last vaild bid
    Happy Bidding!
    (I wasn't able to Add ScreenShots since My laptop has a tiny bug with Uploading things in my .minecraft Folder)
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  2. I really need dis.....
  3. Morning Bump! (Woke up a minute ago)
    This is still a great deal, it's 11 Dc's of leaves and wood! (I belive a Dc of wood is like, 5k)
  4. Auction should only consist of ONE of the four items.
    One double chest, not 11.
  5. So?
    Other ppl did multiple double chests.
  6. 8000r
    I think as long as there is at least 1 DC of each item for sale, it meets the guidelines.
  7. Matheus.....
  8. Other ppl do multiple all the time!
  9. ninjad by cur, 8.5k
  10. This is totally valid yo, as long as it is full DC of each item it is fine.
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  11. I wish people would stop calling me cur. It's like they are saying I am a dog. :p

    Oh, and 8600r
  12. Are they logs i hope?
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  13. Uhh-uhh-uh, It's full dc's, perfectly legal.
  14. Trees with planks don't make sense, do they?
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