[AUCTION] Blizzards arm

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  1. Hello! ^-^
    Item: Blizzards arm

    Quantity: 1 item

    Starting bid: 10,000 AKA 10k

    Ending: 24 hours after last valid bid

    Minimum Bid increacment: 1,000 AKA 1k

    *********THIS IS A PROMO!******
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  2. 19999r
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  3. Noooooo also miiiiiineeeee :eek:
  4. 30k :cool:

    assuming i dont have 2 pull it out myself ^.^
  5. Just realized my bid above was to late by about 1 1/2 hours. TomvanWijnen already won this auction with his bid of 19,999r. :(
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  6. Confirmed, Tom's bid of 19,999 has won. I also missed it at first.

    From my pov (timezone) Tom made his bid on the 25th of May, 1:44am. You made your bid on the 26th of May (today) 3:11am. Therefor a few hours too late.

    Ergo: this auction already ended. Well spotted Mathew!
  7. First of all, thanks for liking my post, otherwise I would've missed it, as I already unfollowed this thread :p

    While indeed, MatthewDA's bid was over 24 hours after my 19999 bid, this happened before..:

    As you can see, almost 48 hours happened before another bid! So, I've actually won this auction for the little amount of only 11,111 rupees...

    Lesson of the day: 48 hour after last bid auctions ;)
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  8. TomvanWijnen is correct. He wins this auction with his bid of 11,111r.
  9. (Sorry internet has been down) Tom, once you pay i will gladly mail you your arm. ^-^ (Sounded really evil there...)
  10. darn...lol i even forgot about this auction XD