[AUCTION] An unused Starter Horse

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Blondekid42, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. Items: An unused Starter Horse
    Starting bid: 5250r (50r for the mail fee)
    Minimum Increase: 250r
    Auction ends 48 hours after last bid

    I have my own horse that I enjoy, so here's my starter horse up for auction!
  2. Bump, don't forget that it's a soulbound egg.
  3. fun for the promo collection I guess ;)

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  4. 6k
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  5. 6250r it is. Plus some wheat to tame it :p
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  6. ShelLuser is in the lead again! He shall claim victory tomorrow night. Will anyone take this opportunity away from him?

    I guess I better get farming again. ^_^
  7. Looking good for Shel! I mean, who would possibly challenge the master of comedic commentary?
  8. Hmmmm..... Lesseee....
    18? Hours left in the auction!

    Does anyone have the gall to take Shel's prize away?
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  9. At this point, its kinda like watching one of those horse races. Those last 11 hours are the horses rounding the last bend. Will anyone knock out the lead horse by overtaking him?

    Neigh! Whinny! B-u-u-u-mm-pph!!
  10. 7k :) I like starter stuff
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  11. 7.1k, I don't even have one of these. :eek:
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  12. 8k
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  13. Well it's a promo and the egg is soulbound, that enchantment is valuable on it's own. So =P Don't judge another person's bid Hahaha I won an auction for a DC of gold swords and well-overpaid for it. It's all for the fun of bidding.
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  14. Only post on an action thread with relevant stuff :)
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  15. 8.5k for the fun of it!
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  16. 10k
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  17. Bump! MCSaw is in the lead! I bet nobody goes higher than 10k! Will this be our victor?
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  18. Roughly 31? Hours left in le auction. It's looking good for MCSaw now! 'Course Shel looked good for a while and had it taken. Will any player step up to beat MC at his/her own game?
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