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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by 72Volt, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Because I will not be playing on EMC for the foreseeable future, due to wanting to play on another server, I am going to be auctioning off everything I own which I am allowed to auction off.
    This collection has been gathering dust in my vault...until now.
    • 5 (five) Ore Busters, purchased during the 6,000 Member festivities.
    • 2 Empire Fireworks, both from July 4th. An Independence Day Firework (random effects, red white and blue) and a standard Empire Firework (random effects, random colours.
    • A Stable Voucher.
    • A renamed 2nd Anniversary Horse, the one with high health. Never spawned. Renamed from Valens to something truly exclusive to me, Perditor Gentium, Latin for 'International Destroyer'.
    I also plan to auction off the contents of my res and the res of my alt, in game.
    The revenue from this auction will go towards a very good cause indeed, one which will come to dominate Empire Minecraft in my absence.
    Starting bid is minus 1,000r. Minimum increment is 1,000r.
    The auction will conclude 48 hours following the last bid.
    Let the bidding commence.
  2. First may I have all this stuff for free xD and 1k
  3. Dang it ninjad 2k
  4. Starting bid is minus 1000r?

  5. Correct, if this auction went unnoticed and only one person bid, I'd effectively be paying them to take this stuff :cool:
  6. And with that I bid 40k :p
  7. Opps nvm
  8. I'm so dumb.. I'm spending so much money on stuff I don't even need..

  9. 45k
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  10. 50k -_- I'm not amused.
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  11. I am :cool:
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  12. 56k

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  13. 60k
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  14. 70k

    Just because of all of you, I'm forced to pay 70k more than I have to :(
  15. 75k. I can go all day
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