[auction] 64 Gapples

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  1. Item: [ 64 Enchanted Golden Apples ]

    Starting Bid: 25k

    Minimum bid increment: 1r

    Ending: 48 hours after last valid bid

    Have fun :D
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  2. EnchGapples, I'm assuming?
    If so, 25k
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  3. 35k
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  4. Enchanted? Please clarify.
  5. Multiple problems with auction:
    1) Either need to clarify item (enchanted golden apples) or I don't think they can be auctioned in DC quantity.
    2) You can't specify a maximum increment, only a minimum increment, I believe.

    Based on an assumption of enchanted golden apples.
  6. Edited the Original Post.

    Seller, please specify either [ Golden Apples ] or [ Enchanted Golden Apples ] and I will edit the OP again.
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  7. Once a bid is made, the bidder is bound to it, regardless of assumptions.
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  8. Enchanted apples sorry about that
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  9. 69,999r + 1r
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