[AUCTION] 56 Mob Heads

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  1. 7 Cow Heads, 11 Skeleton Skulls, 9 PigZombie Heads, 2 Creeper Heads, 27 Zombie Heads

    Starting bid: 100r
    Minimum bid Increment: 50r
    Ending: 24 hours after final bid
    Preview/ pick-up at 239 residence spawn (/v 239)
  2. I think you have to remove 2 of them. Unless I'm mistaken and you can have any amount over a DC.
  3. I'm almost 100% sure I can do this. I've only had 2 invalid auctions. Why is it that you're always the one who tells me what I can do. I can read over the rules. I did that last time. Any minimum amount of 54. I CAN do this auction.
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  4. Wow someone's jumpy. I've commented on 1 other auction of your and wasn't even quoting you. I've done many of these type and assumed all needed to be even DC amounts. Maybe I'm wrong. No need to get all worked up lol
  5. I'm not worked, I worded it wrong. My bad on my side, you're fine. Sorry I checked the rules last time and I can do this
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  6. I meant no offense. I assumed all amounts needed to be in DC. Maybe clarification in the rules would help. If I'm wrong I apologize.
  7. It states minimum quantity of a dc. A dc of heads is 54. Other items are specified as being "In DC quantity" This is like selling beacons. Minimum of 5. Which means you can sell 6, 7, 8 etc. When a MINIMUM is stated any number over that is fine.

    Just helping to clarify that this auction is valid.
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  8. when does the auction end?
  9. 363r :)
  10. You have won. Let me know in a PM what kind of mailing or pickup you want. I am unable to get on right now. Please excuse my lateness
  11. you may just make an access chest :) and, take your time everything within six weeks if fine (I'll pay now)