[Auction] 54 nick5013 heads {closed}

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What should my next auction be?

Melon 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Supa Tools 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Lots o' Wool 3 vote(s) 13.0%
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  1. Items: 54 of my head.
    Starting bid: 256743 (~4700 each)
    Bid increment: 1000r
    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid.
    I am going to cry.
  2. a wee bit invalid.
  3. Aww owell
  4. I REALLY wish i did not give all me money away :(.
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  5. I wish I could spend a quarter of a mil on these, I have been dying for nicks head forever.
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  6. I'd gladly buy 1 for 4700r. :3
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  7. Do anyone want to get a big split going? I def don't need 54 lol.
  8. Bump (Not that anyone would bid on this)
  9. You just wait nick
    I am looking for a group of about 27 people to all group on this, you'd get 2 heads each and each player would be paying only 9400r If you'd like to do this, PM me. Samsimx and I are the only ones in this little group to be formed atm.
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  10. Bump just because
  11. If there are no bids, the auction will end on the 20th.
    (I think I can change auction ending time because there are no bids placed)
  12. If anyone is interested in splitting - please pm me or amusedstew to be added to the list. Need a bunch of people!
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