[Auction] 2015 birthday cake

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by TheJuniorMint, Jun 19, 2016.

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  1. item: 2015 birthday cake
    starting bid: 5k
    min bid increase: 1k
    ending time:48 hours after last bid and the pickup i will mail it to you

    happy bidding :cool:
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  2. When does this auction end? "I will mail" is not a valid ending time.
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  3. 5k

    It'll end in i will mail hours ;)
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  4. opps the ending time is 48 hours after last bid and the pickup i will mail it to you
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  5. 6k
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  6. Whoops! 11k
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  7. woah big jump from 6k
  8. It is but please don't comment like this because it's considered a 'bump' (brings your thread up at top). And those are only allowed every 3 hours. So.... Wait 3 hours after the last post before posting yourself.

    And with that: congrats so far! :)
  9. I thought it said increase by 5k... Sorry :/
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  10. Sorry, but bids placed on an auction are final. Also: your initial bid was 6k which was 1k more than the bid before that, made by TomvanWijnen. That doesn't quite add up for me :)

    One way or the other, per auction rules the current bid still sits at 11k.
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  11. lolwat is going on, 12k
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  12. you won! pay then i will mail
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  13. dont have to be sorry, thx for helping me get more money
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  14. Oh cool! :D Do you need the rupees urgently, or would you be okay with waiting until Thursday? I'm currently in the middle of my testweek, and really busy because of that.
  15. im not gonna spend them, but it would be delay the time you get your promo
  16. also, thursday i cant be on much
  17. As long as I get the thing eventually, it doesn't matter that much when I receive it - Thursday, Friday, weekend, Monday, "whatevs". :p
  18. Payment has been sent! :)
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