[AUCTION] 2013 EMC Promo Firework!

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  1. Item: 2013 EMC Promo Firework
    Start Price: FREE
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1,000 rupees
    End Time: 48 hours after the last bid.
    Pick up info: Residence 2200 on smp1, Theres a [Preview] Chset there, so you can see the firework.
    Info: 2013 EMC Promo Firework, original. :)
    http://imgur.com/4eVgUGI Screenshot.
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  2. Watch your bumps, that was 10 minutes after the last post...

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  3. can somebody please out bid me?
  4. Do not ask for someone to out bid you.
    • Do not bid on items that you cannot afford at the time of bidding. This includes having active bids open on other auctions that would bring your balance below what is necessary on another auction.
    • Only post on an auction thread if:
      • You are bidding
      • You are asking a question about the specific auction, or item
      • You won the auction, and are discussion collection/payment with the Auction Host
      • You are posting content that the staff deem relevant to the auction at hand
    Please review the auction rules:

    Auction stands at TheBassman22 with a bid of 30k
  5. Aucion over, When I've received the payment, you can come and pick it up at Residence 2200 at smp1.
    Thanks for bidding everyone!

    NEXT UP: Double chest of Quartz blocks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.