[Auction] 2 vault vouchers

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  1. Item: 2 vault vouchers (additional item info in spoiler section).
    Opening bid: 12,500r
    Minimal bid increase: 500r
    Auction ending: 24hr after last valid bid.

    The items can be previewed in my "auction chest" which is located in my shop. As soon as someone wins the auction I will replace the preview sign with an access sign so that the items can be retrieved.

    This auction will be held under the "shell bump rule", meaning that it will only get bumped once per day. The only (optional) exception being the ending period of the auction.

    A vault voucher (see wiki page here) can be used to increase your maximum amount of vault pages, even if you're already at your limit (regular players can have 2 pages, iron supporters 5, gold supporters 25 and diamond supporters 50).

    If you're not at your limit you can also purchase an extra page in-game by using /vault expand.

    Good luck and thanks for participating!
  2. 14,000r
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  3. 16k
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  4. And this is the daily bump. MageTrixx in the lead with a solid 16k for 2 vault vouchers, so 8k each. That's a nice deal!

    How is this going to end? ;)
  5. 17.5k
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  6. And here is the daily bump. We're nearing the end of the auction, tensions are raising high ;)

    MageTrixx lost the lead for a brief moment but regained control over the auction. 2 vault vouchers almost up for grabs ;)
  7. 18k
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  8. 21k
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  9. And this is the daily bump, we're also nearing the end of the auction so who knows.

    You can fight but MageTrixx seems determined to bring the vouchers home and expand his /vault :)

    A vault voucher for 11k is still within your reach new player (that is; if Mage lets you ;))
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  10. The auction has ended. MageTrixx has won with his 21k bet.

    I've set up the access sign on my residence (/v 3544 on smp2, top floor) and obviously expect payment during pickup.

    Thanks for participating
  11. picked up and paid. Ty :D
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