[AUCTION] 2 Vault Vouchers and 2 Stable Vouchers

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  1. Well the title basically tells what this auction is for sooooo

    Auction: 2 Vault and 2 Stable Vouchers
    End Time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Starting bid: 10 rupees
    Minimum bid increase: 100 rupees
    Pickup: /v 16247 on smp8

    Good luck bidding! ALL of this money will go to my new 6600 mega mall!
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  2. 17500
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  3. 25k
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  4. 30Kr
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  5. Bump: This auction is currently going to go for an amazing price!!!
  6. bump
    SteveClasher in the lead
  7. 32Kr
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  8. Currently going for 8,000r per voucher!
    This is a steal for this price
    This post serves as a bump
  9. Bump: This auction will be ending sooner than it may seem. Get these vouchers while they are here
  10. Bump: Probably the last bump before this auction ends. Get them while they are here!
  11. Congrats to Jelle68!!! Once I have received payment I will set up the access chest as soon as I can! Thanks to everyone who bidded
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.