[Auction] 2 Stable vouchers

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ShelLuser, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. Item: 2 Stable vouchers (see spoiler section below for more info).
    Starting bid: 12,5k (12,500r)
    Minimum bid increament: 500r
    Auction ending: 24hours after the last valid bid.

    The items are on display in my shop and I will give the winner access to the chest so he can pick them up.

    This auction shall also be a "one day bump" auction. Meaning that I'll only bump the auction once per 24hours, with the only possible exception near the ending.

    These vouchers can be used to store more horses in your /stable, this allows you to bring more horses and other horse-like animals (donkeys and mules) with you. For more information on the stable be sure to read the stable wiki page.

    May the rupee be with you :D
  2. And here is the daily bump. No one interested in adding 2 more stable spaces? :)
  3. 12500r
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  4. Amazing, we have a bid! I was worried for a moment :) 12,5k for 2 vault vouchers? Anyone else need their horses secured 'en messe'?
  5. 15,000 I don't need this but can't see it go this cheap
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  6. 15500r
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  7. 18,000 or this cheap xD
  8. 20500r
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  9. :eek:

    What happened here all of a sudden? ;)

    Cool guys, highly appreciated; the heat is on. EmoryCrafts is in the lead with a strong twenty thousand and five hundred rupees ("20k5" aka 20,500r).

    Well, here is the daily bump and I wouldn't be surprised if this was also the last bump of the auction.
  10. Right, the auction has ended and EmoryCrafts has won. I have to admit that I got a little confused with the timestamps and calculated it, then remembered that time goes from 12am to 1am.

    I'll hop online in a bit and set the whole thing up (give you chest access), as soon as I'm done I shall sent a PM with a confirmation / further details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.