[Auction] 2 DC's of Cosmic Blocks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by FirstJugBurgerz, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. What more can I say, these blocks are the most common blocks from the Nether and the End.
    Items: 1 DC of Netherrack, 1 DC of Endstone.
    Starting Bid: 5000 rupees.
    Minimum Bid Increase: 200 rupees.
    Ending: 14/1/02 @ Noon EST.
    Pickup: Res 5334 at Utopia.

    Happy New Years and Happy Biddingz!! :D
  2. Bumperz! 5k is all I'm looking for out of this, The DC of Endstone is easily worth 5k on its own.
  3. Starting bid lowered to 3k, if I don't get any bids by tomorrow morning I'm gonna have to close the auction due to lack of bids.
  4. 200 r
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  5. The starting bid is currently at 3000r, meaning that is the minimum amount you can bid. The Minimum bid INCREASE is 200r, meaning you have to increase you bid from the previous by at least 200r. :)
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  6. Fine sigh 4k
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  7. Notice: Pickup res location changed to 3794 Smp2. This is technically a bump.
  8. 45 min left till cyberazaz wins! Final bump!
  9. Well cyberazaz, you have won the auction with a bid of 4k! Please pay, and I will get your access signs up at 3794 as soon as I have my driveway shoveled. :p
  10. Okay Was at school Payed.
Thread Status:
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