[Auction] 1DC of juicy carrots

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ShelLuser, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Item: 1DC of carrots (3456 carrots in total).
    Opening bid: 500r.
    Bid increase: 10r.
    Auction ends: 24hrs after last valid bid.

    DC can be previewed in my shop (/v 3544 or /v +shell on SMP2), as soon as we get a winner I'll replace the preview sign with an access sign.

    Happy bidding!
  2. mmm, carrots...must, not bid! Gah! 3.5K
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  4. This will be good for my pancake business! 4k :D
  5. lel Elfin xD
  6. Shy stop, I need these carrots for... um.... homeless people, yeah homeless people!
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  7. small bump :)
  8. Whoah, apologies on my end. I've been totally burred in work the past days and although I did skim the forums I completely overlooked this. Stupid, stupid... :oops:

    JPGamerZ has won the auction with the 8k bid.

    I'll set up the pick up in a few moments and then PM you about it 8)